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Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

Specializing in small businesses, our financial consulting services focuses on core financial management and strategic planning.  Our focus is on automation of financial book keeping, strategic planning and wealth presentation. Learn More

Business Coaching

What’s the next level of success for your business, and what’s keeping you from achieving it? Our business coaching service is designed to develop a framework for you to achieve the success you really want.  Learn More

Financial Management and Strategic Planning

Financial management through systems automation

While a well-organized bookkeeping system is vital to your businesses success, more critical is what you do with it to establish your methods for financial management and control.

What is Financial Management?

It is the process you use to put your numbers to work to make your business more successful. With a good financial management system, you will know not only how your business is doing financially, but why. This information is crucial to help you make decisions to improve the operation of your business.

Why is financial management important?

A good financial management system enables you to accomplish important big picture and daily financial objectives. A good financial management system helps you become a better business owner by enabling you to:

1. Manage based on data, not feelings.
2. Borrow money more easily; not only can you plan ahead for financing needs, but sharing your budget with your banker will help in the loan approval process.
3. Provide financial planning information for investors and partners
4. Make your operation more profitable and efficient.
5. Access a great decision-making tool for key financial considerations.

Financial planning and control help you become a better manager by enabling you to:

1. Avoid investing too much money in fixed assets, extra inventory and other expenses.
2. Maintain short-term working capital needs to support accounts receivable and inventory more efficiently.
3. Set sales goals; you need to be growth-oriented, not just an “order taker.”
4. Improve gross profit margin by pricing your services more effectively or by reducing supplier prices, direct labor, etc., that affect cost of goods sold.
5. Operate your business more efficiently by keeping selling and general and administrative expenses down more effectively.
6. Perform tax planning.
7. Perform sensitivity analysis with the different financial variables involved.

Business Coaching and Executive Advisement

Partners in the journey to that next level

Coaching works to :

clarify your direction

identify strategic activities

upgrade your skills

optimize your environment

master your psychology

develop leadership skills

maximize your time

Free 1x1 coaching session

We offer several programs designed to help our clients overcome challenges and hit their goals.

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Coaching helps you achieve your goals at the highest level.

We work one-on-one with business owners and high level executives. Our expertise is business development, financial management and development of leadership skills. Through the process of coaching, our clients deepen their knowledge, greatly improve their performance and enhance the quality of their lives.

Coaching is critical for:

  • starting new businesses
  • scaling an existing business
  • career choices or transitions to new jobs
  • leadership development and managing staff

Through the coaching process the client:

  • gains clarity around overall vision, goals and objectives
  • sets SMART goals
  • takes actions to move towards achieving goals
  • gains greater awareness around choices

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